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Using Office Furniture Outside The Office - using office furniture

Using Office Furniture Outside The Office - using office furniture

If you find a piece that fits your space don’t let its prescribed use hold you back. We’re huge advocates for using pieces in unconventional spaces. One department we find especially underused is office furniture. Office furniture is now being designed with beauty as well as practicality in mind, and they always have the best storage ideas. Here are a few ways we’ve used office furniture in every room except the office.

Filing cabinets in the living room
Large, boldly colored filing cabinets can make great occasional tables in the living room. When we say bold, we’re thinking fire engine red or mustard yellow. Top it off with some butcher’s block and decorate with stacked books and plants to make a unique piece with great storage for vinyl records or magazines.

Blackboards/whiteboards in the kitchen
We love the idea of dedicating a wall in the kitchen to a blackboard or whiteboard, allowing harmless creativity for the kids and an easy way to keep track of shopping lists or upcoming events. To dress it up, look for a large frame to place around the board in whatever style suits your home.

Office chairs as dining chairs
Modern office closet chairs are embracing color and texture as fast as we can find them. Using sleek white leather and chrome office chairs as dining chairs can add a fun, uber modern look to a staid dining area. It also allows your guests to easily push their chairs back to stand, since they’re on wheels anyway!

Shelving in the bedroom
Adding bookshelves to a bedroom can give it a cozy library feel and will let you redecorate rooms with ease. It’s much easier to change out the contents of a bookshelf than to take down art and hang it elsewhere. Look at your bookshelves as a way to showcase what you love and as great storage for delicate knick-knacks.

Office storage around the house
The office has the best ideas for random storage that we love to incorporate elsewhere. Wall mounted file organizers in the kitchen are a great way to store your recipes or cookbooks, while cubby shelves in your kids’ rooms lets you store books and toys in easily accessible baskets.

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