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Neat Storage Solutions for Around the Home - neat storage soultions for around the home March 06 2017

Storage is a never-ending problem in most homes. Either you don’t have enough or you never have the right kind. But you don’t need to let your allotted storage or the square shelves at the stores dictate how you store your stuff. We have some fun ideas on neat storage solutions for every room of the house. Magnetic stripsMagnetic strips work wonders in bathrooms and kitchens. Use them to keep...

Using Office Furniture Outside The Office - using office furniture March 04 2017

If you find a piece that fits your space don’t let its prescribed use hold you back. We’re huge advocates for using pieces in unconventional spaces. One department we find especially underused is office furniture. Office furniture is now being designed with beauty as well as practicality in mind, and they always have the best storage ideas. Here are a few ways we’ve used office furniture in every room except...

Cool Storage Ideas for Kids & Hanging Wall Files - hanging wall files March 03 2017

It’s never too early to start teaching your child the importance of picking up after themselves and appreciating their possessions. We have four ideas you can use to help your little one learn to tidy up while making your life easier with some great storage solutions including but not limited to hanging wall files for kids art, books, toys, and clothes (see below).     Books Does your little one...
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