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Cool Storage Ideas for Kids & Hanging Wall Files - hanging wall files

Cool Storage Ideas for Kids & Hanging Wall Files - hanging wall files

It’s never too early to start teaching your child the importance of picking up after themselves and appreciating their possessions. We have four ideas you can use to help your little one learn to tidy up while making your life easier with some great storage solutions including but not limited to hanging wall files for kids art, books, toys, and clothes (see below).


Hanging Wall Files



Does your little one have a few favorite books they’re always reaching for? If you’d like a neat idea to display your child’s favorite books without taking up too much floor space, consider installing a wall bookshelf. We love the ledge bookshelves from The Land of Nod, which lets you display a line of books while keeping them off the floor.



Your kids produce a lot of wonderful artwork at home and at school. It’s amazing to watch their creativity grow and their minds expand, but where do you put it all? We love the idea of using file folder wall racks, like the UpFiler system, to safely store all drawings, macaroni art and paintings on the wall where they won’t get damaged but can still be seen.



If you want your kid to pick up their toys, you have to make it easy for them. Using fun, colored hanging baskets you can help children learn their colors and learn to clean up after themselves by having each basket for a certain toy type.  Another option is to use cubby shelves with baskets, while the top shelves might only be accessible to you for awhile it’s a piece of furniture that can grow with them. Just make sure to secure these to the wall so there’s no risk of toppling. 



Consider making your child’s closet kid-height friendly to encourage them to hang their clothes and also choose their own outfits. You can do this by installing two sets of rods, one on top for fancy clothes or clothes that are out of season and one lower down so they can rummage through their clothes and help you hang them. Bonus points if you pick up a fun hamper for them as well. We love the animal wicker hampers from Home Decorators Collection.


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