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A New Way to Get & Stay Organized

We’re designers. Our work in print and package design has always generated a ton of paper, proofs, and other flat content that we need to keep track of. Some of it is small, some large. Any file organization system we tried had major problems: Some only held small letter-sized items. Some held larger stuff, but then the small stuff got lost.  And they were all ugly.  What we wanted was a system that could hold it all but still let us see everything. 

That’s how we came up with the Up Filer™. 

It’s a fabulously simple design that changed the way we worked. It allows the storage of folders or other flat content that varies greatly in size, yet it never allows one item to obscure another. It’s simply impossible for a larger piece to ever hide a smaller one.

Locating labels at the bottom allows you to see everything in a single quick scan. Used as a home base for work & projects you need to deal with, it gives you peace of mind by ensuring that nothing will fall out of sight and be forgotten.

It’s wall-mounted and frees up lots of valuable work space. The pivoting hanger design allows for quick and easy addition and removal of items. Simply lift a hanger and add or remove an item below it.  See how The Up Filer works.

It quickly became obvious that it wasn’t just good for designers but would be perfect for any busy professional or creative who needs a filing system that keeps all your important stuff visible and at your fingertips.  

The Up Filer Original & Bamboo is equipped with ten hangers for folders or other flat content and the Mini version has 5 hangers. The width and thickness of content can vary greatly. The height of content can measure up to approximately 16 1/2" (42cm), depending on its thickness. (Thicker content may need to measure a bit less.)

Crafted to last, it is made of nickel plated steel and solid hardwood. Arrives fully assembled and includes mounting hardware. Installation is quick & easy (video).

Approximate size of Original & Bamboo versions: 11.5" x 34.5" x 2.5" (29.2cm x 87.6cm x 6.3cm). Approximate size of Mini version: 11.5" x 25.75" x 2.5" (29.2cm x 65.4cm x 6.3cm). Detailed Specs for Up Filer Original & Bamboo. Detailed Specs for Up Filer Mini.



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