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Tax TimešŸ˜±-Some Tips for paper clutter

Tax TimešŸ˜±-Some Tips for paper clutter

Tax Season is the perfect time to rid your office & home of paper clutter.

Tax season. I know-ughhhh. It usually means dealing with a lot of paper. It can be pretty dauntingĀ but it'sĀ also the perfect opportunity to re-organize and purge old documents and get a fresh start in your office.

This year I did three things to lessen my paper load and thought I'd share them.

1. Don't let paper in the door to begin with! Unsubscribe to junk snail mail. I'm guessing you're like me and open your postal mail over your recycle bin & next to your shredder. I want to waste less time on this, and have less to recycle and shred. The environment will thank me too. Here's a quick & easy way to stop junk mail:

2. Ā Invest in a good shredder. I wore out our last shredder and needed a new one. Not only is shredding important for personal data security but it really decreases paper volume. The best at both of these is a micro-cut shredder. Here what to consider when buying a shredder:

3.Ā Shred everything you can. Get it out of your office and house. How long should I keep documents? What should I shred? Here's a Ā guide :

It can be hard to start the process but SOĀ cathartic once it's done! Ā 

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Ā Happy Up Filing!