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Thinking about the earth while stuck inside ūüĆé

I've been thinking a lot about earth day coming up on April 22nd. Probably because I have more thinking time - and probably because I'm separated from the outdoors.

We, like you, try to make good decisions for the environment.  

But making good choices about the planet doesn't have to be a sacrifice. If the environmental choice is also a better designed product or a better experience it's a no brainer. Simple. 

I thought I'd share some little ways we're trying to be better to the planet without sacrificing in our studio. (We'd love to hear about your no-sacrifice choices that help the planet too.)

My first is a reusable water bottle. We all know about the environmental toll of plastic. My office water bottle is not a sacrifice- it feels better to hold, to drink from, and keeps my beverage at the right temp. I have one by Corkcicle that I love for work and the gym (Remember gyms?).

A notebook with a nice durable cover and removable pages is another win-win. Instead of tossing the whole thing simply refill the pages. Ugmonk has one currently that is beautiful and uses refill paper with a sharp-looking dot grid pattern.

I recently switched to using high quality thick file folders (not the cheap *yawn* manila kind) and use Avery removable file labels (I prefer the XL ones). Instead of pitching the folder I just remove the label and reuse the folder. I love crisp all white file folders that are made with thick paper stock. They feel good, protect the contents better, and look great in our Up Filers. 

A no sacrifice option for the ubiquitous sticky-note are recycled Post-It-Notes. Their colors are even better than the regular ones. 

Our overall mindset toward protecting the environment is to buy good quality, well designed products that last. Consume better, not more. We've had many items in our studio for 10+ years that are as good as new. Such as our Aeron Chairs by Herman Miller, our Tolomeo floor lamp by Artemede, and yes our very own Up Filers.

To celebrate Earth Day we are offering $20 off our Bamboo Up Filer's. Use Code: UF$20Off (good thru 4/22). Please forward this to any co-worker, friends, family who would benefit - especially to help out with #wfh or home-schooling.

The Bamboo Up Filer is available in three color variations (caramel, light caramel, and natural). Not only is bamboo sustainable but our Up Filers are designed to stand the test of time. SHOP>>>


Happy Earth Day & stay healthy,

Trish & Steve

-The Up Filer Team

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