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Fall- studio office refresh. Some items we can't work without and a few potential upgrades

Happy Fall!  For me Fall is the time of year I really dig in and get productive at work. Kids head back to school, and sadly there is not as much warm weather and vacationing to distract us. 

I like to start by cleaning up my work space and making it as productive and inviting as possible. I'm very sensitive to the environment I work in- both visually and how it feels. I want to be happy about being in my office!  

Below I'll share some items we have in our studio that make it a place we can get things done. I'll also share some items we're considering adding as upgrades this year.  Let me know if you have specific office tools or items that you can't go without- email me at hello@theupfiler.com

What We Own and Love

1. Aeron by Herman Miller chair.  It's ergonomic, well designed, high quality and a classic. A great investment when you consider you are working at least 8 hours a day and will spend a lot of time parked in it.  


2. Tolomeo floor Lamp from Design Within Reach (they currently have a 15% off sale!)  We have owned this for years- the design is beautiful & timeless. The quality is top notch also. Good lighting is so important, especially during the winter months when natural light is harder to come by.  


If you are working in a small space and don't want to sacrifice square footage they have the Tolomeo Wall Spot version.


3. Up Filers -Of course we have multiples of our very own Up Filer wall files above our workstations to organize ongoing work that we want to keep our eyes on and be able to access quickly- which we call "hot files".

The Up Filer, File organizer/ flat file

4. A good stapler.  We have two that are beauties and work really well. They are both vintage and can be found on eBay or Etsy. The Vail Victor Stapler or                    The Ace Pilot Stapler.

 5. Scissors that cut well and feel comfortable in your hand- 10" Sheffield Kevlar Shears buy at Best Made. 


 6. Temperature Control for the cooler days. We have used the Vornado heater for many years. I have a hard time focusing when I'm cold and this little space heater is perfect tucked under a desk or in a corner.


What We Are Considering Adding to the Studio

1. I am on the hunt for the Heavy Weight Tape Dispenser by Black + Blum.  I love the look, like that is it HEAVY (can pull the tape and it stays in place!). As a bonus it has keyhole hangers on the underside so if you want to keep your desktop clear you can mount it on the wall. Bad news is it seems to have been discontinued.  If you see it anywhere please let me know!  


2. Gather by Ugmonk, a desk catch all for storing pens/pencils, sticky notes, paper clips....  I like the design and quality.  It also goes nicely with our Up Filers 😀


We'd love to hear from you and know what products you like working with! 





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