Put down the chocolate and pick up your drawing pencils! June 26 2018

This article in Fast Company Magazine fun.https://www.fastcodesign.com/90133438/science-doodling-has-real-benefits-for-the-brain is about a study done at Drexel University in 2017.  The study confirm that making art stimulates the same area of the brain that is related to rewards.  Creating is a reward!

It stimulates the same area of the brain they say that makes dancing, laughing ,and eating chocolate enjoyable.  Not sure, but if you are craving chocolate maybe you can drawing instead.. worth trying!? The findings and thing to remember is that making art makes us all feel more creative afterward.  All study participants reported that they had more good ideas and could solve problems more easily after doodling. So, chocolate aside, the take away after reading this is- engaging in creative activities helps us form better ideas and solve problems which is applicable to everyones work & life!